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Student Bassoons, Used

STUDENT BASSOONS: Students need reliable well adjusted bassoons as well as experienced players. The student can't tell whether a problem is with the bassoon or themselves. When a beginner has had it with rentals and school instruments, it may be time to own their first bassoon. These include Fox entry level bassoons, Kohlert (German), Moennig, Huller, etc. As they become available, these could include stenciled bassoons from other manufacturers as well. All student bassoons are either in good maintained condition or overhauled and delivered in new playing condition. Included is an original case in good to excellent condition or a new lightweight Protec case, one bocal, and basic accessories. Additions and substitutes are available. The sale price includes a 1 year warranty. These bassoons are typically priced from approximately $3000-$6000. Please call for the current availability of student bassoons.  (914) 478-0946

NOTE: There's often a reference in the description of a bassoon for sale, that the bassoon has received it's "Complete" or "Annual Service". For a look at what that means, click here for a document summarizing the procedure. Declarations for Annual Service.

FOX 220: #15xxx ca. 1988 Owned by a professional doubler and maintained regularly at Evans Bassoon. Currently completely serviced and set-up. High D and E keys, with whisper lock and additional rollers. Wood body a bit dinged, but generally in good to excellent condition. Nickel plating is completly intact with touches, bands, and guards, buffed and polished. Bocal, Fox standard case, and basic accessories. One year warranty. $4950 (Sold 12/5/10)

KOHLERT: Grazlitz Pre-War, Complete mechanical rebuild. Optimal set-up. Basic keywork. Excellent example of pre-war vintage. More for the experienced avocational player. Wood body is excellent with normal wear pattern from playing. All German Silver buffed and polished like new. Bocal, case, and basic accessories. One year warranty.  $3200 (Sold 12/15/10)

OSCAR ADLER: ca. 1980 Serviced regularly at Evans Bassoon with current complete servicing and set-up. High D, left hand lock, silver plate. Very good condition. Bocal, Protec case, and basic accessories. Includes 1 year warranty. $3600
(Sold 9/10/11) 


Made in Germany ca. 1980 by the Kohlert/Kreul firm for Penzel Mueller in NY.  Complete mechanical rebuild with optimal setup. Both wood and silver plating in excellent original condition. High D with left hand lock, alternate left hand Eb trill, full rollers on right thumb, both boot bores are lined. Additionally added High 'E' and full compliment of German Silver saliva tubes.  New lightweight backpack Protec case. Full 1 year warranty. $6850
(Sold 6/8/11)
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