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   We prefer to think of a rebuilt or restored bassoon as "better than new". The wood is now more thoroughly seasoned throughout years of climate changes and more specifically, changes in humidity. This protracted process of "breathing" renders the bassoon more stable within it's next generation of life. It will have found it's voice and attracted an owner who values it's intrinsic qualities.
      For our purpose now, a restoration implies the refinishing of both the wood body and restoring the keywork and trim, etc. to new conditions. Within this process and by necessity, the bassoon will have all applicable repairs, and a complete overhaul through to the refined regulation and final setup. Often this is the opportunity to add or alter keywork, etc. You have at your disposal any pattern or style of flaming (or not), both burned in or colored, and available platings. 

    There is always the option of mechanically rebuilding the bassoon. (a Mechanical Restoration) Many players will prefer preserving their original patina. All the keywork and trim can still be restored, or plated with all available options.
    I'll be adding all sorts of photos and info. throughout the site to better support the scope of services available. Thanks, Nicholas Evans 

Heckel # 37xx Arrives at the studio.
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