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Nicholas Evans performs any and all repairs including custom keywork and personalized setups. I work closely with each player to achieve their goals. I'll render your instrument more playable so you can better focus on making music. There is always progress and that progress is guaranteed. 


More regarding bassoon and contra repair will be added, including the ongoing restoration of an older Heckel bassoon.

                     Some explanation for various scopes of work may be helpful.

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Repairs: Are specific repairs. A particular problem. Your bassoon is behaving satisfactorily but there's a particular problem you want resolved.
When a particular problem is one of many, then you may want to consider more comprehensive work. (or not)

Overhaul: The overhaul process can be one of different degrees. A bassoon can be in excellent "original" condition, well maintained, and be a candidate for an overhaul. Pads, corks and bumpers can be at the end of their lifespan. The regulation and playability of the bassoon can be unstable and unreliable. After 20-30 years of use this is normal, and could be an ideal time to restore the bassoon to it's integrity. This bassoon needs little repair beyond the typical moisture damage that accompanies even a well cared for bassoon. A complete overhaul will render your bassoon stable and reliable for 20-30 years.

Mechanical Restoration: Often a bassoon is acquired of unknown history, or is in less than good original condition. Commonly a bassoon not having a complete service within the previous 30 years or longer, accompanied by varying degrees of damage and or marginal repairs. This bassoon will have loose posts and bands, cracked tenons and/or sockets, accelerated wear in the pivots, moderate to severe moisture damage, and a long list of playing anomalies. The wood and keywork may present as acceptable. This can be a potentially fine bassoon, however may be difficult to evaluate because of it's evolved limitations.
    Reeds and bocals can no longer compensate. It's time to rebuild or in effect re-manufacture the instrument. It's far less expensive than buying another bassoon. This process is a hairs breath away from a restoration, but doesn't include refinishing the wood body or replating the keywork. The bassoon is rendered in like new or better playing condition.  Often the original wood finish is in good condition with only normal wear from use. An owner may desire the option of a complete or total touch-up of the wood finish. It doesn't require removing the existing finish therefore it's not as labor intensive as a complete refinishing. The results appear close to new. There are options to color in strips, etc. Not every bassoon is a candidate for this nice compromise though.

Restoration: A process or process' rendering the bassoon in new condition. This of course includes complete wood finishing and key plating with any number of finishing options available. (i.e. flaming, staining, and different patinas, etc.; Nickel, Silver, or Gold plating)

Setups: The "setup" has become in recent years a more or less vestigial term. These days bassoons are delivered far more playable "out of the box" than in previous generations. However, there is still some validity for this process. Bassoons after their 1st year or so of being played in, do require adjustment to varying degrees to play optimally. Typically, a bassoon will exhibit a few binding keys, maybe binding corked joints, extra noises, some tuning anomaly, etc. Added to this, if a player wants the spring tensions lightened up and the key heights adjusted for a more personalized playing experience, then having the bassoon "setup" might be very appropriate. A setup is a procedure performed on a newly played in bassoon, or any bassoon perhaps newly acquired that's already in excellent condition. It can be an opportunity for fine tuning after the player has come to their reed and bocal selection. The bassoon is dismantled and all binding and interference is removed, Teflon added to sliding bearings, pads adjusted or changed as needed to increase sealing margins so the spring tensions can be safely reduced. It's a flexible process for each individual bassoon. The setup is offered only for bassoons adequately played-in for a period of 1 or more years. If symptoms arise during the play-in period they're treated as individual repairs. I offer a 1 year complete warranty on a bassoon receiving a setup. This process is not to resolve problems for older bassoons in need of maintenance and repair.

If you need assistance with pricing for specific repairs or more comprehensive work, you may call the shop. After some discussion, I can estimate the time, logistics, and cost for the work. 

When you bring your bassoon here, I can better give you a written proposal delineating the costs, etc. For Repairs, Overhauls, Mechanical Restorations and Complete Restorations you'll receive, either during your visit or via an E-mail within 2 days, a complete summery of the proposed procedures and price. In either case you'll be apprised of the costs.

If needed, we can develop a plan to perform major work in stages.

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