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Mechanical Restoration
    The difference of a complete overhaul and a mechanical restoration is one of degree. When the age and condition of the bassoon necessitates the re-installation of the posts to establish the mechanical integrity, that would necessitate a rebuild. The refitting of keywork is time consuming and more resembles the manufacture of a bassoon. The end result is a newly restored bassoon in every way that effects it's playability. 
    Often during the disassembly, I've given the bassoon a "complete touch-up" for the wood body. When the basic condition of the wood is good to excellent with only the normal wear to the instrument, I can effectively restore the finish to appear close to new. Colored striping can be added and staining to enhance the original finish can be added. However not every bassoon is a good candidate for this process.
    The following photos display examples of each.



Heckel #105xx 

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Heckel #102xx

Mechanical    Restoration

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Samy 's Kohlert

Mechanical Restoration W/Complete Wood Touch-up

(Posts and Bands Re-installed, custom bell ring added)


Heckel # 50xx

Mechanical  Restoration


Mechanical Restoration
w/complete wood touch-up
(Puchner style of flaming restored)

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Penzel Mueller

W/Complete wood touch-up
(Stripes added to enhance the finish)

Heckel #92xx

Mechanical Restoration W/Complete Wood Touch-up
  Kohlert ca.1910

Mechanical Restoration

Heckel #93xx


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