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Joseph Puchner 1970
Joseph Puchner #68xx: Complete mechanical rebuild. Custom turned French bell. High D and E, LH Whisper Lock, Both boot bores lined, Nickel German silver saliva tubes. Figuered maple (includes complete touch-up of wood finish). Both wood and keywork in excellant condition, new light weight Protec backpack case. Personalized adjustments at no additional cost and includes 1 year full warranty on setup as purchased. $12,800 plus bocal selection. 
                                                Sold 12/31/09


Low C, Custom Touch


FRONT (photo before saliva tubes and bell ring. My appologies)

F# and High E, "set-in" to wood body (facilitates technique)


Custom Bell Ring; fluted and solid sterling ring added

Detail of raised bosses on custom turned French bell

An "upstanding" bassoon !

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