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Heckel Restoration Tour
10/11/06: This will be an ongoing addition to the site. A pictorial summarizing a work in progress. Heckel # 37XX (c.1894), living in a farm house in Pennsylvania, it's contents a mystery to it's owners.

This bassoon, accompanied the grandfather returning from WWII. He was not a bassoonist, he was not a musician, none of the family were or are musicians.

    Why in the world did this bassoon wind up there? Now after resting for 60 plus years, it arrives at the shop. Let's see.

    The sense of anticipation, rediscovering a 114 year old Heckel? 
                                        Priceless !
    Wonder what it'll sound like?

    Decades of dust and dirt, original pads long deceased with the local moths, one broken tenon, wood body and keywork in remarkably excellent original condition. Oooh! A nice surprise; original hard rubber linings in excellent condition. Heckel invented the lined bore just a few years previous to this bassoon.  Not played for the last 60 years, and apparently, not much in the previous 60 years. 


 Existing broken tenon bored for new socket.

 Ready to receive new tenon.


 Glue and Clamp New Tenon


 Original Stamp on Boot

 Protect Stamp During Sanding


 Original F (Pancake Key) Hole
(and this is good condition)

 Tone Hole Seat and Chimney Restored. Notice the 5 dots designating the benchmark.


 Original Ivory Bell Ring

 Original Ivory Ring after Restoration


 Original E Finger Hole (eroded from half holing)

 Damage Disappeared


 Original Boot Sockets

 Looking Good

Pseudo, semi, quasi, modernized U-tube assembly. Original bracket is soldered and installed as a modern bracket. The dovetail slides are then de-soldered and used as clamps (4 stainless screws) to secure the U-tube which now has a gasket. Notice the additional set screw to align the U-tube with the bores.  

 Heckel Restoration Kit-Complete, but without instructions


  Heckel #37xx Complete (11/26/09)-BACK

Heckel #37xx Complete (11/26/09)-FRONT

12/14/09: So,,How does it sound? Currently this bassoon along with Heckel restoration #40xx will be used by Philharmonia Baroque orchestra in San Francisco for their upcoming "All Brahms Concert" in Feb. 2010. On the menu will be the Serenade No.1 and the Violin Concerto in D Major. Played by Dennis Godburn and Andrew Schwartz. 

5/12/12: Both bassoons used again in the recent March 2012 Philharmonia Baroque concert featuring the Brahms Serenade No.2. This time around, Andrew Schwartz and Stephanie Corwin are performing. I suggest allowing your ears to feast on Stephanie's playing at http://stephaniecorwin.com/html/slideshow.php
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