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HECKEL #126xx (4)

HECKEL #126xx (4) ca. 1983 Overall excellent condition. Standard to high 'E',  with additional French whisperkey, high 'A' link, Right hand wk lock, right hand aux. Eb trill w/offset C# spatulas, full Ab-Bb trill, both front and back G# tone holes, and Fox balance hanger. Ferules on bass joint tenons. Selected Marcus/Bell #134 bocal, original case and canvas cover in equally good condition.

Presently completely serviced and all regulation materials replaced and upgraded to Ultrasuede laminated with Teflon. Exclusive safety stops are added throughout the whisperkey mechanism including the French whisperkey and aux. Eb trill mechanisms. Optimal spring balance, and spatula heights throughout. Details of work on request. Full 1 year warranty on entire setup as purchased. For trials please submit contact info. $36,000 




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