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Fox Mod II-3 Bassoons

Complete Restorations: Each of these 3 bassoons are early vintage Fox Professional bassoons. They are modeled directly from Hugo Fox's personal 5K Heckel.  The earliest of the 3 (ca. 1952) was made personally by Hugo Fox, before the fruition of Fox Products. These bassoons bare little resemblance to what most would expect from the current Fox bassoons. They're narrow bore, with a "tight core", and water clear crystalline resonance. They are completely restored and finely regulated. High-A Link and Rt. Hand Whisper Lock. Price includes minor personal adjustments and 1 year warranty on entire setup as purchased.

                        Price for each: $7800 plus bocal and case
                                               (3 of 3 sold)

These instruments will need to be tried with a selected bocal and reed to realize their remarkable characters. Excellent bassoons for the experienced student, avocational player, or doubler.

                                Back                                                    Front

ca. 1966, Sold 12/24/09

   Flamed Fox's

 Finish Applied


Mod II's Completed-Front

Mod II's Completed-Back

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