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Fox Contra Repairs
An early Fox contra arrives at the studio, in what appears as enviable condition. When played, not producing the amount of sound one might expect.


While treating the bores, it became evident the large bow was leaking. Considering the age and apparent condition, this was a surprise.  This bassoon must have sustained damage in it's past. There were a number of splits in the wood, hidden by the bow bands. (shown disassembled above)


 Surprise crack under band

 Repaired Crack



 Traditionally Silk is used for this kind of repair. Silk was used to clad the bodies of the first airplanes.
Currently, we make good use of Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber is used to clad some of our modern airplanes.

 and Again. The original seam was not damaged.

 4th Bass tenon crack(presumably from same trauma)

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