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Contra Repair Shop
Heckel Low A Contra c.1900-Mechanical Rebuild: Overall very good original condition with some pre-existing damage. Contra was completely disassembled for repairs, all repairs made as needed, posts reinstalled preceding the overhaul, with a few added upgrades to the structure and mechanisms. Original wood finish is retained, with minimal touch-ups for the wood and name stamps.

This is a wonderful example of an older contrabassoon with it's extended life expectancy.

Central Column Repairs

    There was pre-existing damage to one of the tenons. The cracks and missing shard of maple is repaired and further reinforced with Carbon Fiber rope. Holes for a new fastening system are marked or layed out to avoid interference with the repairs. This insures maintaining the integrity of the tenon repair.

Completed reassembly of central column with new screw fastening system and addition of curly-cue brace assembly.
(Thanks Chip) 

Small U-Tube: Rebuilt

Keywork Additions: Extend length of high vent and add Alternate High Vent Key Touch; Extended E key touch; Addition of Body Lock to better support the low A bell (originally, there was no additional support for the low A bell).

    The extended E touch allows the left hand to rotate downward adding much facility for the left thumb to better reach the vent key touches.

                        Heckel Contrabassoon c.1900 Complete




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