Evans Bassoon
Repair and Restoration Studio

(914) 478-0946

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Contact and Directions

A Trip to Evans Bassoon Studio in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
A small town on the Hudson River
(914) 478-0946

From NY City: 35 minutes north of Grand Central Station, on the Metro North Hudson Line. The train can be boarded at points north of Grand Central as well.
For information
(212) 532-4900 or http://www.mta.info/

The studio and shop are very convenient, to and from all major auto routes.  We're just north of the George Washington Bridge and south of the Tappanzee Bridge. Please call for assistance, for your preferred route.
Contact Information

This server doesn't include your E-mail address. Please include your E-mail address and a phone number so I can respond to you. Or, if you have questions that require a thoughtful answer, please do us both a favor and call on the tele. (914) 478-0946 Thanks, Nicholas Evans

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