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Complete Restorations
    11/20/09- Heckel #40xx, ca. 1899: This turned out being a very interesting restoration. While working on these older "modern" bassoons, the question looms; How will it play? How did the bassoonists in the turn of the 20th century negotiate their repertoire? No whisper key, no ring keys, etc. That there's no high D key, or rollers isn't a problem. And surprisingly, the absence of the whisper key was like being on vacation. Once getting used to it, there's so much less to worry about. Yes, when the hole on the original bocal is closed, the low end is indeed more robust but, because it's a smaller hole than a modern bocal, it's not that hard to negotiate the different registers when open. The high G on this bassoon is comfortably in tune without the high G ring and vent. These things and more help to learn an important lesson in bassoon design. When a bassoon is well designed and manufactured before the improvements we all deem necessary, it may well be a viable bassoon capable of playing to a high standard. This instrument plays very well both in sonority and scale. So well, that it's becoming a desirable bassoon for period players needing to perform on early modern bassoons. It's an enviable example of a bassoon in like new condition to accompany music from the late 19th century. Of which there is much to explore.
    Incidently, this isn't the Heckel illustrated in the "Heckel Restoration Tour" (#37xx,ca.1894). Currently this bassoon along with Heckel restoration #37xx will be used by Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra in San Francisco for their upcoming "All Brahms Concert" in Feb. 2010. On the menu will be the Serenade No.1 and the Violin Concerto in D Major. Played by Dennis Godburn and Andrew Schwartz.

5/12/12: Both bassoons used again in the recent March 2012 Philharmonia Baroque concert featuring the Brahms Serenade No.2. This time around, Andrew Schwartz and Stephanie Corwin are performing. I suggest allowing your ears to feast on Stephanie's playing at http://stephaniecorwin.com/html/slideshow.php

(click on thumbnails for high res photos)


 Before in Original Case

Restored: back

 Restored: front


 Before and After: Crack Repair in Boot Joint

 Crack in Lined Side of Boot  

 Repaired Crack


Cracks repaired and held in compression by resizing the boot band.


 Cracks in Boot Sockets


 Cracks Repaired


 The Ivory is restored much like the metal work.


 Original Ivory Bell Ring


 Bell Ring Like New


 Much care around the name stamps!


 Condition of Original Finish


 Restored Finish with Name Stamp


 Reproduction of New Guards


 New Wood Finish Before Hand Rubbing Process


New Finish: "Finished"





Original Bocal 








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