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Bassoons for Sale:Advanced and Professional

All bassoons sold at the Evans Bassoon Studio receive a complete service ranging from an overhaul, complete mechanical rebuild, through to restorations. Each bassoon listed will have an accurate description. Minor personalized adjustments to the setup will be made at no additional cost. All bassoons sold with any of the above complete services, are warranted for 1 year, insuring the entire setup. 

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HECKEL #55xx, ca.1919  Please call shop for details.

HECKEL #44xx Restored and modernized at Heckel $22,000

PUCHNER #62xx Complete mechanical rebuild






PUCHNER # 72xx
(recently restored)
call for availability

PUCHNER MOD 5000 #93xx Mint: $16,000 (Please call)

#60xx ca.1960: Complete mechanical rebuild, high D, A-link, lock, full German silver saliva tubes, original Puchner case. Selected bocal additional. $12,800 (Please call)

 FOX Mod 201, ca. 1983
Complete overhaul


 FOX 101 In mint original condition, completely overhauled and finely setup. 


             HECKEL #126xx ca.1983   

                      Sold  12/2011                            


 PUCHNER Mod 22 # 124xx ca. 1998 Mint $13,600    Sold 2/2012


    FOX 201, 1988 
  Black Maple, Mint

   Sold 12/24/10

 FOX 660, #17xxx
w/ extra keywork

Sold 11/9/10



Joseph Puchner


Sold 12/31/09


FOX Mod 601



J.Puchner #62xx


 Heckel #93XX

 Fox Mod 201

 Three Fox Mod II Vintage

                    SOLD                                         SOLD                                        3 of 3 SOLD
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